Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of British Dissertations Help discusses how we gather and utilise the information of our customers. We may change privacy policy from time to time, but the latest version will always be published and available on our website. The word 'we' refers to British Dissertations Help, unless indicated otherwise.

Gathering Information:

In order to make use of our services, it is mandatory for customers to provide us essential private information, like phone number, e-mail address, and more.

Data Protection:

We abide by the Data Protection Act and as a result, would never share your information with any other company.

Information On Our Products & Services:

Customers can opt to be regularly updated about special promotions and new launches. We will relay this news to them via multiple mediums, including e-mail and SMS. However, you have the option to not choose to be informed about new opportunities.

How We Collect Information About Your Visits To Our Websites:

When you visit our website, we can check your IP address to determine your position. This helps us to provide content relevant to your location.

Why We Keep Your Personal Information:

Your information is used by us exclusively for contact and verification purposes. We assure you that we would never pass it to somebody else.

What To Do If You Want Access To Your Database:

For a copy of the information we have about you, send an email to our customer service team who will refer you to our Legal Department. They are best equipped to assist you in this regard, but will ask you to provide certain information to help them confirm your identity before giving you access.

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