A dissertation constitutes of many chapters, one of the most important chapter is results and analysis that deals with reporting and discussing the discoveries one has made in their dissertation. This is the place where students display the information which structures the basis of conducted examination . In this section readers discover about the learnings which emerged from the findings. This section must be consistent and persistent.

A dissertation needs to exhibit the results of the research clearly to carry out a thorough analysis. Students might not wish to incorporate all the questions and inquires which they addressed in the research however they may allude to the particular ones that provided for you the most importance.

Students need to be careful about the segmentation of data in the results and analysis section. A strong introduction of the results will assist the reader to comprehend what the student is willing to demonstrate. However, a weak introduction will lack the grabbing power hence the reader will not understand the results of the research conducted. Secondly students should be consistent with presenting the arguments which they presented in the earlier part of the dissertation. Inclusion of new content without presenting the previous arguments does not demonstrate a thorough understanding of the basic concepts. Discussion exhibited should be evaluative for fulfilling the criteria of a dissertation.

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