Creating a Fun and Inclusive Workplace

Inclusive Workplace

When a person graduates, he either opts for a job or sets up his venture. Nevertheless, both of the tasks are tiring and consummate a large fraction of an individual’s energy.

If you went for either of the options, your workplace is going to be your second home for the ages to come. However, if you feel exhausted showing up to your workplace, it can be a bad indicator for the company’s progress.

A relaxed and comfortable mind at a workplace is likely to contribute a handsome sum of profit towards the company. Thankfully, most of the companies have picked this fundamental notion and are devising strategies which help their employees feel at ease during the work hours.

You may have heard the statement “celebrating diversity at the workplace,” but what is diversity and how is it celebrated?

Diversity means inducting people in the company having diverse backgrounds and bringing such people together. This is regarded as the celebration of such a phenomenon. To put this explanation into a simpler context, diversity is about being different whereas inclusivity is the celebration of being diverse.

Nowadays, organizations tend to embed inclusivity and fun into the workplace to increase the efficiency of their employees. Some of the methods to infuse these elements into the workplace are:

Workplace Garniture:
The decoration can create a positive impact on the outlook of the workplace which, in turn, will boost the productivity of the employees. Diverse themes can be opted to accommodate the background of all team members hence elevating their morale to come closer to each other.

Breaking Ice Sessions:
The company should conduct ice-breaking sessions to draw its employees closer. The aid of different physical and mental activities should be employed to aid the employees to open up to each other.

Furthermore, each employee should invest some fraction of their daily work hours to converse with others. This will not only create a friendly atmosphere but will promote coordination and understandability towards each other.

Invest in Diversity Training:
Every culture has something unique to offer, therefore, investing in training that engages people from different backgrounds is a great initiative. You can employ the use of activities such as:

  • Spider Web – In this activity, all employees form a circle while one person holds a twine. The person shares an embarrassing story from his past; for instance, a failed dissertation proposal, a stair-falling incident or similar etc. The twine is then tossed towards the other colleague. The cycle continues until everyone gets their turn thereby bringing them close.
  • The Blue Eyes/ Brown Eyes – This activity is about splitting the employees into two categories based on the color of their eyes. The supervisors favor a particular category and deny favors to the other group. This teaches how privilege has demeaned the essence of a workplace and the dire need to combat it.

In short, a diverse place has the potential to offer a lot of productivity hence strategies which celebrate diversity and embed fun at a workplace are imperative to be ensconced.

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